I'm a .NET and mobile developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'd love to learn, share, and influence about the latest IT trends and technologies. I occasionally deliver training and workshops to universities. I'm interested in learning and sharing anything about .NET mobile and cloud technology.

About me

.NET & Mobile Developer with 3 years of experience. My work emphasize in mobile application development for iOS, Android, & UWP platforms as well as cloud app development for back-end services using ASP.NET, Azure, and Office365. A Microsoft Certified Professional, a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for UWP & App Builder, and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for C# Programming Language. Currently pursuing .NET expertise for Universal Windows Platform, Xamarin Cross-Mobile Development, and Azure Cloud Platform path.
I am Mobile Developer at Altrovis. Founded in 2011, Altrovis is an Award Winning Leading Consulting & System Integrator Company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Altrovis specialize in building IT solutions using Microsoft tools and technology such as SharePoint, SQL Business Intelligence, Lync, Exchange, and many more. List of clients include small-medium businesses, enterprises and public sectors. Altrovis currently is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Lifecycle Management, Collaboration and Content, and Data Analytics, and also a Microsoft Silver Partner in Communications, Data Platform, and Data Center.
When there's that moment of "Wow. I'm not really sure I can do this," and you push through those moments. that's when you have a breakthrough." -- Marissa Mayer